Building good habits :is it the most difficult thing ?


Every night before going to bed I say to myself that from tomorrow onwards I   shall   start developing some good habits so that I   can   become a better person in comparison to what I am today. But gradually     the   next day pass   by   and   again it is the    time to sleep  and then I  realise  that   unfortunately   I  haven’t been  able to keep  the  promise  I  made   to  myself  yesterday  night. This vicious   thought   cycle   had probably   been    running   inside  my  head  since time immemorial .By  the way  let me tell you about the good habits that I really  want to  build; these include  waking  up early in the morning (@ 5am),going  to the gym, reading a motivational book ,to appreciate nature’s  beauty and spending some quality time with my near and dear one. But again unfortunately none of these thoughts   had been   turned  into  action till  now .As  I  dig deep  down into  my thoughts  as  to why  building  few simple good  habits  are becoming   so  much   difficult ,I came up  with the following conclusions:

  1. I  am  LAZY :Yeah it sounds harsh but I have to admit it. Laziness   has   been   cited   by   psychologist   as   a   form of addiction. The longer you stay lazy, the   harder  it  is  to  get out of this mess .However I believe that  by cultivating a  strong will power, it is possible to get rid of it.

2.There  is no  short-term gain involved: The human brain  is  always interested in doing things that  offer   short-term rewards, rather  than waiting for long-term gain. For instance if  a  person  is  told that  he will  be awarded  500 dollars  for  waking up  at   4  am  and  then running  3km  the next morning, everyone probably will   do  the    task. However   if the      same   group of people are told to repeat the same   activity  daily  for   6   months, and promised  that they would be rewarded  at  the end of the  task   with the same 500  dollars, probably only a few will  turn up for the task. This possibly   explains my  situation .I don’t see  any  short-term  benefits  coming my  way and due to this I end up avoiding  my  long-term gain.

  1.  I am not hungry for more :Before I got my job, I used to try   all   the extra things  that would  better   my  resume  so that  chances of  getting a good job   increase .But after I got my desired job   and started earning a handsome salary, everything from  there started    getting slow. I  started  to realise that  I  was   not  pushing  my  limits   and the hunger for betterment has vanished. If   there is no hunger within us; we will all stop  making  any further progress.

4.No time for  motivation :With the busy job schedule ,I    hardly care to  find  time  to  motivate  myself. This indeed is a   great mistake on my part. Motivation is   like   an   efficient   fuel that   keep us   going   in our search for perfection.  Without   self   motivation   our  progress is going  to  halt.

So , now  as   I  draw  these  conclusions  it is  already   12:05 am   and  I  guess     it  is time  to  go  to  bed  if  I  were  wake up  early  so  that  I can  carry on with the  so  called good habits. Hope this new year brings us  more peace and prosperity  than ever  before. Good night………..


3 thoughts on “Building good habits :is it the most difficult thing ?”

  1. Hi,
    I completely agree with what your saying because we all want to try and build good habits but usually fail to do so. Maybe we will all finally achieve our goals in 2015 🙂

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