Rejection can come in various forms and ways and everyone probably   has to  go through it at some phase  of their life. For some it may be the rejection of a love proposal, while for others it may be  the rejection of a job application or anything related to their career ,work, academics,familial and social matters  etc. Whatever  the matter may be and no matter how painful  the rejection is ;when it comes to dealing with  them we can apply  few   basic principles  and  try  to  reprogram our thought process. So lets  explore  what  kind of  mentality  we  can build in order to  overpower  any form of rejection:


1.It is not the end : Every time  we come across rejection, and  though it may be awfully   painful ;   we need to keep saying  to ourselves that  this  probably is not the  end  and better things will surely happen in the near future. Keeping patience and   motivating   oneself   can   greatly  help  in  passing through  this  difficult  phase. Even though ,the preliminary stage is going to be tough but  steadily  everything  will  fall  in line.


 2.Just move on:   Yes rejection   hurts. It is  a   harsh   reality. But constantly pondering  over  it   may  adversely  affect  the quality of  your present life and also the future. If you are really concerned  about  progressing  in    life, then  you  have  to  just  move  on. It  doesn’t matter  if  your  job  application is rejected, or  your  boyfriend/girlfriend  dumps  you, or the  boss in office don’t give a damn about you.  What  really  matters  is  how  you  deal  with  the  situation following  the  aftermath. Plan  a  mechanism  which  will  help  you  in  getting  out  of  it. The bottom-line  is “keep  moving  forward”.


 3.Be prepared: Getting  ourselves prepared to  accept  any  form  of  rejection  can  prove  counterproductive. It  can  immensely  help us in minimizing the burden  of  it’s after effect. Anticipating  the  consequences  will  further  enable  us to  take  precautionary  measures   so   that  we  can avoid  getting  rejected  in the coming days.


 4.It is a lesson to learn: Rather  than  considering rejection as some form of curse  that will  ransack  our  life, we can  think  of it as  a  lesson  to  learn from. Learning from our    experiences, and   not  repeating  the past mistakes  will  definitely   help us  in our endeavour  to  build  a  better future.


5.Follow the examples: Every grown up and responsible  human being, will  probably face  rejection  at some phase of their   life  .The   prognosis  depend  solely  on  us; our way of  handling  the  situation. Either we can let  it  make  us   or   break  us. The  choice   is  ours. The  world  is   full  of  examples  of great people  who  initially failed or faced   rejections ; but  they  didn’t  give  up  and  came  back  strongly  fighting  against  all  odds. For instance:

a)Albert  Einstein: Einstein didn’t speak until he was 4 and didn’t read until he was 7  causing his teacher to think that he was mentally  handicapped .Eventually he was expelled from school and  refused  admittance to  Zürich Polytechnic School .But  he  caught on  pretty well in the end winning  the Nobel prize.

b)Thomas Edison: Teacher’s  told Edison that he  was too stupid to learn  anything. He was fired from his  first two  jobs  for  being  unproductive .Edison  made  1000  unsuccessful  attempt   before inventing the light bulb.

c)Oprah Winfrey: Oprah  endured  an abusive  childhood and numerous career  setbacks including  being fired  from her  job as a TV reporter because  they  found   her “unfit for TV”

d) Steven Spielberg :He was rejected from University of South California school of theatre ,film and television. He eventually   attended  school  at  another  location, only to  drop out to become  a great director.  Spielberg  returned to school in 2002 to  complete  his  degree.

 e)J K Rowling: She was penniless, severely depressed ,raising a child on her own, while attending school and writing a novel. Rowling was depending on welfare to survive at one point of her life. But she went on to become one of the richest women in the world in a span of only 5 years  owing to her hard work and dedication.


f)The Beatles: A  recording company told them “We don’t like your sound and guitar music is on the way out”.

g)Michael Jordan: The  basketball legend was not selected in his high school basketball team. But this setback couldn’t stop him from chasing his dreams.


                There are  many other such examples. But the idea that is being illustrated is quite simple and common. All  reacted positively  to their situation. Rather than letting their circumstances  to control  them; they took control  over their circumstances  and emerged  as the winner.

Likewise anyone of us can be a winner  in our life if we take personal  responsibility for our career  and  success  and don’t get  intimidated  by  the  minor  obstacle so  called  “REJECTION”.



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