While having my breakfast ,I usually  turn on the television to gather some information about  what’s going on around the world .But as I  finish my breakfast, a gloomy  and depressive feeling engulf my mind .This  kind of feeling  last  for max 5-10 minutes ,and gradually disappear as I head to my workplace only  to reappear the next morning  the same time. But the million dollar question is why there is such a feeling ?Is it due to the food ?No ,obviously not. The breakfast is rich and tasty .Secondly, Am I sick? No, everything is fine with me. Yeah, I guess you got it right now .Its all due to the news that I watched along while having my breakfast. I don’t want to blame the whole of the news for it, but to some of its content .Specially the part that dealt with violence: terrorism, extremism ,suicide bombings,drone bombings, guerilla attacks, abduction, assaults   and other such disturbing elements. I am not here to judge as to who is right and who is wrong. Probably what may seem right to me may be wrong to other. Watching the TV from the comforts of my home, I probably am not the suitable person to draw conclusions.

                                                        But what I can summarize  based  on my observation  on this matter  is  that   probably  some among us has forgotten about their  basic  existence as  a “ human  being  “ in this materialistic world .Yes, it may sound bitter ,but it is of course the harsh reality .

                                                            Before doing  any act,  if every human being  take a second and  ask themselves “ARE WE DOING IT THE HUMANE  WAY?”;probably  this  world  would have  been  a  different  place to live in .There would be no violence ,no war ,no oppression ,no suppression, no corruption ,no anger ,no frustrations   and other such negative activities. It would be a peaceful  one ,where everyone will live in harmony .But THE question remains :is it possible? To find out the answer, let’s have a look at this case.  Today, when we are encountered with a simple question; for  instance :” Sir/Madam ,who  are you?” Probably some of the replies will be : I am   a  soldier/doctor/engineer/banker/IT professional/politician/driver/chef/actor/teacher/professor/student/pilot/farmer/writer /businessman/entrepreneur etc. Some others may reply. I am a Christian/Muslim/Hindu/Jew/Buddhist etc .Now ,when we reply such ,most of the time we tend to forget about our  basics; our birth as a human being. Forgetting this basic fact of life leads to  the never-ending race  to prove ones superiority  over the other, and  this  is the sole  cause  of  all   the  man  made   tragedies, that some   among ourselves encounter   .

                                                     So, next time when we are  encountered  with  a  question regarding  our identity, we  need to remind ourselves about  being   “human” first  and  everything   else is secondary. It all depend on  us. We can make this world a better place to live in.

IMAGE CREDITS:”Vitruvian” by Leonardo da Vinci – Web Gallery of Art:   Image  Info about artwork. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Vitruvian.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Vitruvian.jpg


2 thoughts on ““BEING HUMAN”:”

  1. Like you, I find myself feeling melancholy and sick to my stomach when I watch the news. I feel the world is missing that element of compassion that is inherent in all human beings. We are not designed to be rude and mean and cruel. Being exclusive goes against our nature. As human beings we are designed to work together and compromise. I don’t know how people who hate so much can live with themselves.

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