Hi, everyone  the purpose behind this website/blog  is to  share any random or interesting  fact  that can help us in any possible way.I believe that by sharing our experiences,knowledge and lessons learnt from life,we can  help each other and thereby make this world a far more better place  to live in.

 Regarding myself.Well I am Ron  and I just graduated from  a  med school. Most of  the time I am engrossed in my studies and work.However I like to spend my spare time along with my family and friends,travelling and occasionally partying with them.I am  really concerned about my physical fitness and enjoy working out.At the end of the day,after finishing my routine work,if I still manage to find  some more free  time left  with me ,I try my best  to  be  creative. Thats why I  am  into blogging(though I know I am not that good).

So,lets share,learn and have fun……….cheers!!!

learn,share and have fun...

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share,learn ,travel and have fun.

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